Joan of Arc, Marie Bonaparte, Simone de Beauvoir, Coco Chanel, Marguerite Duras....and now, MARJORIE BARLET. She joins the ranks of exceptional, exquisite French women and is an excellent teacher.

Marjorie assesses your individual level of spoken and written French and personalizes her teaching precisely toward your level of ability and the goals you have in mind. She is passionate and creative and makes every lesson rich, thoughtful, nuanced and thoroughly enjoyable. She balances the introduction of new concepts with careful review of what you have already learned to solidify your well-organized instruction.

Come join us anytime to see for yourself how wonderful our classes are. She will evoke your joie de vivre, and I promise, you will love studying with Marjorie!

Ana Bracilovic, M.D.
Co-Director, Princeton Spine and Joint Center

Marjorie Barlet is an outstanding teacher of French. Her beautiful accent is a joy to hear; she is intelligent, charming, and very patient. She is very good at focussing on the students, diagnosing their needs, and helping them to address their specific problems. Marjorie is conscientious and serious, but at the same time, makes studying with her a pleasure. I think students at all levels could benefit from, and enjoy, her instruction.

Gaile Sarma,
Princeton NJ

It has been an absolute pleasure taking French lessons with Marjorie for the last few months. Marjorie has a passion for teaching that is evident in every lesson. She finds resources, articles, and other tools tailored specifically to my interests, needs, and ability. I feel that she spends a lot of time making sure each lesson will be not only appealing but also worthwhile.

Her disposition is warm, friendly, and encouraging. I always leave our lessons feeling happy, energized, and looking forward to our next lesson. I believe Marjorie truly cares about my success and progress, which is extremely motivating.

Also (and perhaps more importantly), I can say with absolute confidence that all levels of my French competency have increased: from pronunciation and accent to reading with fluency and spontaneous speech. Additionally, Marjorie has created culturally authentic situations for me in order to become more familiar with cultural references and idiomatic expressions.

I can’t say enough about Marjorie and Dynamic French tutoring! Highly recommended for all learners!

Jena Bono
Rutgers University '09

For the past ten years we have travelled to France annually for a stay of six weeks or more. With the goal of maintaining and improving our French conversation and comprehension we have studied French with a number of different teachers over the years. Marjorie is definitely one of the best. Her teaching method involves a mix of grammar and conversation that is highly structured. She solicits input from her students; and although she is very well organized, she always leaves room for spontaneity and humor. She keeps her students abreast of contemporary French idioms and slang. If she feels that some point of grammar or vocabulary was not clear, she follows up with e-mails about it after the lesson.

Do not study with Marjorie if you expect an easy ride, but if you want to really deepen your understanding of the French language and culture, you could not find a better mentor.

Anne et Franck Rivera Highstown NJ

My son was in the French Club offered by Marjorie at our elementary school. My son seems to already have a love of the French language as he comes home trying to teach us the language as he is learning it and so it was natural for us to place Jonathan in Marjorie's class. I was in the classroom one afternoon and saw first hand how much the students gained by taking the class after school. Marjorie taught the children how to bake, paint, play games, sing, read and more...

All by way of learning in French! Marjorie is wonderful with children as she has her own three young boys. She is patient, kind and devotes attention to each one... I would recommend Marjorie to anyone with a child who is interested in learning more about French language and culture. I hope she is planning on teaching more French Club classes to children within our school. I would absolutely sign my son up again!

Stacen LaPoint, Cranbury NJ

Marjorie has been teaching French to my three children (ages three, four and six) for over a year. I was worried when we first started the lessons that the children might not have the attention span necessary for an hour-long class. I should not have been concerned! The time is filled with songs, games, laughter and conversation. Even more exciting - the children have learned so much. They look forward to class and love practicing during the week. I have been impressed in equal measure by Marjorie's professionalism and ability to make learning fun. She is patient and encouraging, but the children respect her authority and want to work hard to meet her high expectations. I highly recommend Marjorie's classes to students of any age and feel so grateful that she has found time to work with my family.

Ashley Aitken-Davies, Princeton, NJ

Madame Marjorie is an excellent teacher! She always captures the students attention and makes learning fun. My kids look forward to her lessons and are also doing very well in school due to her help. She never hesitates to give additional help at test times and is very pleasant to work with. I cannot say enough about her!

Vijay Maggio, Princeton, NJ

I highly recommend Marjorie Barlet as a french teacher. Not only does Marjorie work hard to ensure that every student has a unique curriculum tailored to his or her learning ability, she establishes a very congenial and warm atmosphere for learning. I have been studying French with Marjorie for over 2 years to ultimately become fluent, my progress has been rapid. In addition, for 13 years I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Princeton, I can attest to Marjorie's superior language teaching ability. Marjorie creates an effective learning program using many up to date learning tools. Every student of every age will benefit from Marjorie's teaching expertise.

Joyce Deutsch, Princeton, NJ

I would highly recommend Dynamic French Tutoring to anyone looking to develop proficiency in the French language at all levels. I’ve been taking French lessons with Marjorie for 2 years, and I can’t say enough about her teaching methods. She develops lessons that are tailored to your individual needs and level. Using a variety of materials, Marjorie’s teaching incorporates French grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and culture into fun and interactive lessons. Marjorie seems to have an infinite amount of patience and will both push you and encourage you to do your best, all in a lively environment in which we laugh while learning. My understanding and execution of the French language has improved significantly thanks to Marjorie’s teaching methods. It is definitely a pleasure to study with Marjorie!

Beth Kennedy, Princeton, NJ