Different people learn in different ways so I use a range of materials:

  • For the beginners:
  • flash cards
  • songs
  • on line videos and quizzes
  • slides presentations
  • personal dvds
  • children books
  • fill in the blank exercises
  • French boardgames
  • short skits

De 6 a 13 ans


  • For intermediate or advanced:
  • short news or documents on video
  • articles in French newspapers
    or magazines
  • musics
  • Comics
  • French children and
    teenagers magazines
  • French films
  • novels


I also use a lot of medias on the web for pronunciation exercises at home and grammar exercises on line. And many books about the French grammar and spelling such as “LE BLED” and le “LE BESCHERELLE”.

For the toddlers I use baby and kids’ books, magazines, dvds and cds in French.