Each lesson is customized and adapted to your level, needs and area of interest. Personalized and flexible schedule is tailored to meet your timeframe and logistical needs (at your home, place of work, my office, a public place with a free Wi-Fi connection or through Skype).

Different people learn in different ways. If you learn by “hearing”, we will focus on conversational methods. If however, you are more “visual”, we will use writing and more typically academic exercises (grammar, spelling, vocabulary, idioms, and phonetics). Chances are, you are a bit of both, and we will mix it up so that it is just right for you.

This chart will help you determine your level and identify the contents of each class:

Beginners Intermediate Advanced Expert
Speak French from day one!

. Basic vocabulary.
. Everyday conversation.
. useful idioms.
. written exercises.
. understand main ideas of a short e-mail.

Reinforce oral and written communication skills

. Enrich vocabulary.
. Expand dialog and expressions.
. Express ideas and opinions.
. Continuing grammar acquisition.
. Prepare for travelling situations.
. understand an email and write an answer.
Deepening knowledge of the French language through socio-cultural themes, expressing with spontaneity and fluency.

. Read and discuss complex texts or videos.
. Express opinions clearly, orally and in writing.
.Produce presentations, and communications.

Mastering expressions to reach near-native fluency.

. Study specific themes in depth.
. Recognize subtleties.
. Can independently lead meetings and interact

Specific lessons

A business French Language private lesson will enable you to focus on your specific need for learning business French – this could range from giving presentations to conducting sales negotiations to simply being able to handle yourself in social situations in an international business environment. 50$/hour

Accelerated lessons will be tailored to fit your requirements should you need to learn French in a short time for a specific purpose (travel, relocation, personal purposes…). 40$/hour negotiable

Read for your pleasure without having to look up a word in the dictionary. I will be here to translate, live, you will be able to take notes and grasp all the nuances in French. A fast way to learn a lot of vocabulary! 40$/hour

Cooking workshop is also available upon request!