In addition to the standard relocation services provided by companies in general to their employees, we believe we can facilitate the process by adding our personal touch!

Expatriate relocation can be a stressful experience. Culture, values, communications, habits, traditions, social customs and behavior as well as day-to-day life in France are quite different from our American way of life.

Research has shown that the inability to adapt to the host culture is amongst the most cited reasons for relocation failure.

“Having been relocated from Paris to Cranbury last year with my family, I know how much I would have benefitted from talking to a family from the host country, ahead of our trans-Atlantic move, about subjects like school, health care, afterschool activities, an expatriate- association, food, spousal employment, commuting, stores… And, even beyond the practical aspects of life, we discovered very different habits of which we were not really prepared. The most memorable incident concerns my 5 years old son, who, one day came back from school with a note requesting for me to explain to him what the sentence, “keep your hands to yourself” means. He was very upset. We had to explain to him that the recess time in France and in the United States have different rules”. To repeat the words of an article “the use of personal space is determined by our culture”.

The practical aspects of life in a foreign country are very important for a mom to make plans for her family, but awareness of social customs and behavior in the everyday life can prevent sad experiences and ensure smooth transitions.

One area of concern for parents is the children. Relocation with children doubles the stresses and worries. Most adults find expatriate relocation traumatic or at least unsettling, so imagine how a child feels. Fear, sadness and anxiety are all symptoms of relocation for children, too.

It is critical for parents to make the relocation process as pain free as possible for children. Children must feel included in the relocation process and be made fully aware of their new destination. By being part of the relocation, a child feels more involved and informed, thus reducing their levels of tension and fear and those of the parents too!

So, in order to smooth out this critical period, we offer to equip the whole family with a convivial cross-cultural class that will help them settle into their new lives in France:

OPTION 1: 1 day cultural immersion for the children in our French family in CRANBURY, NJ

Our 3 bilingual sons aged 3.5, 7 and 14 would be more than happy to share their knowledge about the cultural and social habits differences, the student’s French life and their love for their native country.

Price to be determined.

OPTION 2: Morning with the partner involved in the relocation process

Price to be determined.

OPTION 3: Language training prior to relocation

A family program can be tailored according to their needs and level of assessment.

Price to be determined.

After the move to Europe, I will be available and happy to continue helping facilitate the adaptation period via Skype, e-mail or phone.

In a multinational and multi-cultural enterprise, this unique and personalized array of services will improve employee integration, and facilitate communication within the enterprise. Preparation and knowledge truly are the keys to success.

We look forward to becoming your partner in providing solutions for professional and personal challenges!