Kids French Lessons


Individual lessons from beginners to bilinguals
Lessons could be at your home or at my office.

Self-customized and innovative lesson plans adapted to the age, the ability and the area of interest of your child using modern Medias such as DVDs, movies, on line exercises and short videos, music, songs, comics, books, kids ‘newspapers and magazines articles, audio books, board games…

Children may learn in different ways. Should your child be more of a “visual”, we will work with a written method, read stories, play games, watch videos, draw... If however he/she learns easily by “hearing” then, we will sing, act out short skits, listen to cds, play games too… Chances are, your child is a bit of both, and we will mix it up so that it is just a fun and pleasant moment.

Classes for kids and teens: all classes starts at 40$ depending on your location.

French as a foreign language from beginners to experts

Give your child an educational advantage by learning French.

Beginners Intermediate Advanced Expert
After completing the « beginners » program your child will express basic sentences of the everyday life.

Enrich vocabulary, improve syntax, build self-confidence and develop language skills.

Understand a simple text and can interact in French in basic situations.

Written exercises in grammar.
Strengthen communication and comprehension to reach fluency using most commons idioms.

Deepen grammatical skills and enhance pronunciation

Master expressions and pronunciation to reach native fluency in writing and speaking.

Tutoring: The goal of this class is to bring your child back on stage and build his self -confidence in French so that he enjoys it! We will work on the school curriculum and re-work what was done in class.

Accelerated lessons: Intensive classes will be tailored to fit your requirements should your child need to learn French in a short time for a specific purpose (travel, relocation, personal purposes…). For special relocation program click here: relocation.

Read for your pleasure without having to look up a word in the dictionary. I will be there to translate, live, and you will be able to take notes and grasp all the nuances in French. A fast way to learn a lot of vocabulary! – For Advanced, experts and bilingual students.

Bilingual French/English: This class is addressed to children who already speak French but who need to develop or strengthen their writing skills. We will work on grammar and spelling through reading and writing. My sons (14 and 7) could join us for conversation practice and games during the recess time.


Toddlers French Lessons

Les petits francophones : 30$/hour

The class will be conducted in English and French.

This class will introduce your toddler to the French language and culture through fun activities in French such as songs, crafts, games, little gym, and stories. Mum and dad are very welcome!

Meet us once a week every Monday from 9am to 10am!

Songs’ lyrics will be given to the parents to practice at home: repetition being the secret of learning a language at this young age!

For all ages: Cooking workshop is also available on demands!